Requirements for Riders:

- Bicycle Riding Experience is required, our E-Bikes are 26” Fat Wheel Mountain Bikes

- Every participant MUST Read and Sign our (Assumption of Risk, Waiver, Release & Rentals Agreement Form)

- Suitable for all ages. Below the age of 18, signed Guardian Consent is required

- Minimum Height 140 cm

- Maximum Weight 120 kg (265 lbs)

- Protected footwear is highly recommended

How to Use our E-Bikes:

E-Bike LCD Power Display

TURN Battery ON (I) / OFF (O):

(As a Safety Precaution: PLEASE ALWAYS TURN OFF, before dismounting the E-Bike to avoid accidental acceleration)

PRESS (Mode) Button for 2 Seconds. Turns LCD Screen and Power ON.

(Note: When Battery is turned OFF (O), LCD Screen and Power automatically also turns OFF)

Thumb Throttle Control: A Powerful Acceleration occurs when this lever is pressed downwards.

(Located at: Right Handle Bar, Thumb Area)

The PAS Pedal Assist Sensor can be set from 0-9 Modes by PRESSING the ARROWS UP or DOWN (Mode) Button.

(As a Safety Precaution: First time Riders Please set PAS to 0)

All of our E-Bikes are equipped with comfortable saddles and customized height range adjustments. We advise you to initially adjust the height at waist or lower so that your feet are firmly planted on the ground. And then once you are familiar with the E-Bike you may later increase the saddle height for maximum pedal extension.

A Combination Key Lock has been provided. It is the responsibility of the customer to know the combination code and lock the E-Bikes when unattended. The safest way is to weave the chain through the motor wheel spokes, and/or weave the chain together with another E-Bike if 2 or more are parked together.